Digital Marketing for Churches

Church Growth Package

From fine-tuning your website’s search engine performance with cutting-edge Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to optimizing your presence on Google through Business Profile Optimization and Non-Profit Ads, our package is a holistic approach to ensuring your message reaches those who seek spiritual connection. Moreover, our strategic integration of Facebook and Instagram Ads adds the power of social media to the mix, enabling your church to connect with diverse audiences.

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“Single Click” pushes to all your church communication platforms.
Social media, website, mobile app, newsletter, & TVs

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Digital Marketing for Churches

Deliverables Each Month

Our team will work with you through each of these deliverables. We’ll meet up with you once a month to go through any needed inputs, give an overview of the work being done, as well as show you the results from our month-to-month work together. Below is an overview of the work we’ll work with you on from month-to-month:


Does your church show up when someone searches: church near me, church in denver, baptist church, church?  We implement the best SEO practices to help your website climb in the rankings!  We’ll implement strategies along with tracking to help us help your church be found when someone is looking for a church in your town.


When someone is searching for a church, your Google My Business Profile is HUGE in helping your church be found.  We’ll work with you to best optimize your profile so that it gives your listing the best chances of showing up as people are looking for a church to visit on a weekend.


Your community is on social media!  If you aren’t actively pushing ads in front of your community you are missing out!  We work with you to implement ads that help your community know about you and entices them to come checkout your worship services!  These are great to run throughout the year, especially Christmas, Easter, and Back to School times.


Did you know Google will give you $10,000 of free Google Ads each month?!?!?! You are truly missing out if you are not already using Google Ads to help your church be found when someone is looking for a new church in your town!!  Our team will help you optimize exisiting or setup new Google Ads for your church!


Our team works with you throughout the year to audit your website and social media profiles to make sure design, content, and functionality don’t slip through the cracks.