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All your church communications under one roof!
“Single Click” pushes to all your church announcements to all of your communication channels.Automate your church announcements with a single click.  Automatically post your announcements to social media, church website, church mobile app, newsletter, bulletins & TVs.

church websites

Integrated Church Communications

  • Live Streaming

  • Online Giving

  • E-newsletter

  • Sermon Manager

  • Easy to maintain


Single Click

“Single Click” pushes to all your church communication platforms.
Social media, church website, mobile app, newsletter, & TVs

Single Click

“Single Click” pushes to all your church communication platforms.
Social media, website, mobile app, newsletter, & TVs

Church Website Announcements

Church Websites

The announcement is now live on your church website!  Our easy to use church website builder allows you to quickly make edits and allows for automation of your church announcements.

Automatically Show your announcement on:

  • Home Page
  • Inner Ministry Pages
  • Upcoming Events Page


Church Mobile App

Church Mobile App

No need to update an app and a website.  Do it all at once with a Single Click. Keep your church mobile app automatically up-to-date with our integrated church announcement portal.

  • Automatic Updates
  • Push Notifications
  • Giving
  • Connection Cards
  • Event Registrations



Automatic Announcement Slides

Announcement Slides

Never manually build church announcement slides again!  Automatically update weekend worship announcements slides.

  • Great for TV’s throughout your church too!
  • Easily integrates with ProPresenter, Media Shout, Powerpoint, Smart TV’s or anything that can be connected to a computer.
Church Social Media Manager

Social Media

Stop wasting time updating all your social media platforms.  Our integrated church website will automatically post your announcements to your social media platforms.  Increase your reach and engagement with automated social media management for churches!

Your announcements will automatically push to:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
Automatic Church Newsletters


Your announcement is automatically added to next week’s church newsletter!  Make church e-newsletters a breeze!  You don’t even have to think about copying and pasting all your information again!  Let your automated church website do all the heavy lifting and create your weekly newsletter for you!


Church Management Software


Easily integrate with your existing church management systems.  We offer advanced integrations with some of the top church management systems like: Planning Center, Ministry Brands, Breeze, Tithley, and more!

Church Group Text Messaging

Automated Followup

Followup with visitors and your congregation with ease!  Implement pre-built and custom automations to help you more effectively communication and reach your community!

Funnels and Automations for:

  • Plan A Visit
  • Event Reminders
  • Event Registrations
  • Volunteer Training
  • Facebook/Instagram Ads
  • Google Ads
church websites

Easily Connect With your church
on Every Platform

Keep your congregation informed.  Our single click church announcement portal saves you time from having to post information to multiple platforms.  With a single click efficiently communicate with your entire congregation across multiple platforms.  Migrate your church website today to a better church website builder!



  • Save Time & MOney
  • All in One Church Communications
  • Single Click Publishing
  • Church News Center
  • Automatic Newsletters
  • Social Media Autopost
  • Built in post templates
  • Auto News Expiration
  • Announcement Image Generator
  • Scripture Linking
  • Sermon Central
  • Easy to Edit Church Website


church websites

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