Less than 3% of church newsletters get opened, but more than 80% of Americans check their phones before they brush their teeth in the morning!


When you’re trying to reach your church congregation with important information, let’s face it; in a world all about the computer in your pocket


if you aren’t in the palm of their hand, you aren’t getting them!


To connect with your church members and get your congregation involved, you need a church moble app at a price you can actually afford!


Tent Apps is a service that brings all your church communication tools under one roof, including your very own affordable church mobile app! We are completely run by youth, college, and para-church ministers with experience in digital design services, so we know what you need, and we know how to get it to you at a church budget price!


There are other options out there from big-name companies, but do they know what it’s like to talk with a church member about their youth ministry student? Do the know what it’s like to see your church operating budget decrease year after year? Do they know how to get someone excited about small groups?


Probably not. 


We know what churches need, what congregations are looking for, and we know how to bring it all to your affordable church mobile app, so you can get in the palm of your congregation’s hands! 


And with our unique push notifications subscription feature, your church members can select only the type of announcements that pertain to them so they never get overly inundated with announcements. This way, they know that any time your church mobile app dings their phone, there is an important announcement with information that they specifically need!


Schedule a demo today so we can tailor your very own church mobile app at an affordable price that works for you! 


Let Tent Apps go to work for you, and stop spending so much time stressing over announcements. Schedule a demo and let us get your time back so you can focus on what really matters…