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How to Choose the Best Church Management Software for Your Church

by | Apr 28, 2022

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Managing a church can be an extremely time-consuming task, especially when you’re trying to keep up with all the moving parts of the organization. There are staff members, volunteers, committees, services and events to manage — to say nothing of the logistics of getting it all done!

Thankfully, there’s church management software that can help keep things on track and put your mind at ease. Take a look at why you should consider Tent Apps Church Management Software for your church and how it can take some of the weight off your shoulders as you get everything ready to go each week.

What to look for in a Church Management Software System


There are many options out there for church management software. How can you know which one is best for your church? Here are a few features to consider when choosing between three popular church database software solutions:


1) Ease of use – how intuitive and easy to use is it?

You’re here for ministry, not to become a tech-savvy media coordinator. What is the learning curve to effectively utilize your new church management software?


2) Flexibility – how easily can you customize it to fit your church’s needs and processes?

Will it work just as well for a large church as a small church? What about a multi-site church?


3) Simplicity – How much time will your church management software consume on a regular basis?

Ministry is all about time with your congregation. Will it allow you to focus on ministry or take most of your time and energy just maintaining your communication systems?


4) Affordability – The only thing as scarce as time in ministry is funds?

Church budgets are consistently in decline year to year, so you need a church management software that not only serves you, but makes sense financially as well.


5) Functionality – how many functions does the software help with?

Church directory, giving history, child check-in, mass text messaging; does it do it all or just one? We’re all tired of paying a separate subscription for dozens of tools.

There are many church management software options available to you as a pastor. Here is a detailed look at three popular church database software solutions



1) Breeze Church Management Software

Breeze is one of the most popular platforms for churches. It is user friendly, customizable, and covers most of the datapoints you would most likely need for a church database system. Breeze is also appealing because of their all-in-one simple pricing of $67. No matter the size of your church or the features you use, you will always pay the same flat rate of $67. Breeze is a great option for many churches. It’s only shortcoming is that it only operates as a church database. Breeze helps you track your congregation, but it does not help you streamline your communication across multiple platforms.


2) Simple Church CRM

Simple Church is a highly popular option. It is extremely versatile and comes with a slew of tools to streamline tracking and communication, including a mobile app provided trough MinistryOne. Simple Church is also affordable for most churches though, unlike Breeze, the pricing is based on the number of people in your church, so the more you grow, the more you pay. Many users of Simple Church have enjoyed its functionality, but report that the whole system feels clunky, difficult to learn, and often has troubleshooting issues. Simple Church CRM does offer a free 30-day trial so you can always give it a test drive and decide for yourself!


3) Tent Apps Church Communications

Tent Apps is truly a one-stop-shop for all your church management software needs. With Tent Apps, you not only get a church database system like that found with Breeze, you also get a beautifully-designed website, your very own mobile app available on all app stores, and their entirely unique “single-click publishing” communication system. This system allows you to create an announcement,  and with one simple click Tent Apps will create a post on your church website, mobile app, social media platforms, church newsletter, announcement slides, and digital bulletin! All while maintaining a church database around attendance, giving, child check-in, mass text messaging, and more!

Tent Apps is currently a lesser-known church communications tool, but the appeal is that for one affordable price, you can eliminate the hassle and time of running multiple platforms and bring everything under one roof. You can book a free demo and see how Tent Apps can help you reclaim your time spent tracking and communicating with your congregation, so you can spend more time being present with your community.


Make a Choice for Your Church Today

Church database software isn’t necessarily complicated, but choosing from a thousand options is never easy. In the end, it is always best to state your individual church’s needs and weigh which option best serves you! The important thing is not to let decision paralysis keep you where you are. If you are overwhelmed by the confusing systems and mounting needs of running a church, pick a church management software and get started today!


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