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Simplify Your Life with Automated Church Newsletters

by | Feb 24, 2020


When I worked at a church, our monthly church newsletter was a constant topic of frustration.

Not because we didn’t find value in them, but because



We would spend hours writing,



re-editing, and

editing AGAIN

all our articles, announcements, and invitations,

only to find that inevitably something, somewhere was misspelled or had incorrect information.


And then Tent Apps came along.


With Tent Apps Church Communication Tools, not only can you get an incredible website and/or mobile app for your church,

you also get automated newsletters COMPLETELY FREE!


These newsletters aren’t like other church newsletters you’ve seen,

Tent Apps Church Newsletters are so sleek and efficient, they practically run themselves!

Through an easy-to-use website dashboard, Tent Apps automated church newsletters do all the work for you by taking your important posts and announcements that you’ve already created, and putting them all in a beautiful layout so your congregation is getting the information they need!

You don’t even have to click send!


You can set the frequency that you want your emails to go out and watch as Tent Apps automatically emails your congregation exactly when you need them to!


Don’t waste your time writing and rewriting announcements for your church newsletter.


Don’t worry about sending your church inaccurate information!

Get Tent Apps Church Communication Tools and leave the newsletter business to us!

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