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Why Your Church Needs an App

by | Jan 13, 2020

Your Church Needs an App!


80% of American’s check their phones before they brush their teeth.

Almost 50% of Millennials do all of their shopping online on their phone

The average American spends 3 hours on their phone PER DAY!


It used to be that if you wanted to get your message in front of people you needed to be on television.

Then it was online.


Now…if you aren’t on someone’s phone,

they are most likely NOT seeing your message.

Your church needs an app.


Especially as the millennial and GenZ generations get older and become the majority of our population, we would do well to start speaking their digital language now and get ahead of the game.


A typical custom app would cost you $20,000-30,000.


You can get an app from other providers for cheaper but it’s EXTREMELY limited and dysfunctional.


The only place you can get a highly-functioning app tailor-made for YOUR church for an affordable price is with Tent Apps, your one-stop-shop for church communication tools.


Some of the things you get with a Tent Apps church mobile app include:

  • Custom Progressive Web App
  • Custom Logo for the app store and android app store
  • Live audio/video Streaming of sermons
  • Hosting of audio or video sermon files
  • Sermon notes to follow along
  • Online Giving and tithing options
  • Online forms for registration, prayer requests, etc.
  • Real time announcement updates
  • Push notification categories for real time updates
  • And more!


Your church needs an app to effectively engage your congregation on their turf. Get a sleek, simple, and effective church app at a great price with Tent Apps and grow your church today!

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