Churches Need Quality Online Presence More Than Ever!

  COVID-19, commonly known as Coronavirus, has launched ministry into the digital sphere!   More churches are moving online and reaching more people.   Many are asking whether or not this is the future for churches in America. However, the numbers are...

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Why Your Church Needs an App

80% of American’s check their phones before they brush their teeth. Almost 50% of Millennials do all of their shopping online on their phone The average American spends 3 hours on their phone PER DAY!   It used to be that if you wanted to get your message in...

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Church Bulletins Made Easy

Times are changing and so are all of our communication systems.   But one things that is still holding strong is the value of a Sunday morning church bulletin.   Well…we’ve got em!   With Tent Apps all-in-one church communication tools, we mean ALL IN...

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Affordable Church Mobile App

  Less than 3% of church newsletters get opened, but more than 80% of Americans check their phones before they brush their teeth in the morning!   When you’re trying to reach your church congregation with important information, let’s face it; in a world all...

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How to Communicate Better With Your Church Congregation

    Attention spans are getting shorter and shorter these days..   In today’s world of smartphones, wireless headphones, and TVs in the bathrooms, it’s no wonder people have a hard time paying attention.    But it quickly becomes a problem when you...

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