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Why Good Church Websites Matter – And How to Find the Best Church Website Designer

by | Jun 7, 2022

The average American spends seven hours a day on the internet. A lot of internet viewers are looking for more than funny cat videos—they’re also looking to connect with people who share their same interests and passions, including at church. In fact, 80% of people looking for a new church will check the website first, and 1 in 3 make their decision based on the church website. If you’re looking to attract new visitors to your church and get them involved in your community, then it’s crucial that you find the best church website designer out there and make your presence known online. Here’s how to do it right.


The Best Church Websites to Connect

The Best Church Websites to Connect


Church websites are essential for building an online community and reaching new audiences. While these pages can be designed created DIY-style on Wix or Squarespace, church website designers create individualized sites with specific goals in mind and therefore possess a knowledge set that’s outside of your reach as a pastor. This is where an expert church website designer can really serve you and your church’s message better. 

And it’s not just about your message; it’s about reaching those you want to reach in a timely and effective manner. Whether you need help with branding, design, or building a website from scratch, here are three steps for finding and working with a church website designer who can deliver top-notch work on time.


1. Look for a Church Website Designer With Experience in Web Design and in Ministry

Too many churches are looking for the college kid who will design their new church website for $50 and a homemade dessert. It makes sense. They probably have a better eye for design, they are more connected with younger demographics, and they understand the technology better. Not to mention church budgets are only decreasing while the costs of everything is increasing.
But when it comes to websites, as with most things in life, you cannot substitute experience. A degree in web design is great, but web designers with a little green behind the ears don’t fully understand the unique challenges of ministry and communicating to your congregation. To get the very best church websites, you want to find someone with years of experience designing websites, as well as experience in the unique world of church ministry.
Church Website Designers in Ministry

Church Website Designers in Ministry

2. Your Church Website Should Have Lots of Beneficial Functionality

Most church websites are just that…a website. But with limited budgets, your church needs a church website designer that can offer you more.
Tent Apps Church Communications is not only one of the best church website designers, but their websites do so much more. With Tent Apps your website also functions as a total church communications tool to streamline all of your time and effort connecting with your congregation.
In one click, your church website also creates automated announcement slides, email newsletters, social media management, digital bulletins, online forms, and even your own unique church mobile app!

3. The Best Church Websites Are Still Affordable!

This is the best part. Several companies offer all-in-one church communication solutions. However, as you look at purchasing their products and services it quickly becomes apparent that these products were designed and priced for large churches with large budgets.
Tent Apps Church Communications is owned and operated by former ministers who know what it’s like to serve a congregation on a tight budget. Our mission is first and foremost to serve small to medium churches and their staff, helping to relieve the stress of small budgets and limited time. We want you to be free to focus on what matters most…time with your people!
Because of this, our all-inclusive services start at just $150/month! This includes church website, unique church mobile app, social media management tools, and automated email newsletters, announcement slides, and digital bulletins.
Affordable Church Websites

Affordable Church Websites

We know times are tough for churches. The tools and channels we use in the information age to connect are growing and changing faster than church staff’s can keep up with. And hiring someone to take care of all the communications is an unnecessary drain on your already limited budget.
You don’t have to keep sacrificing beautiful and effective communication strategies because of budget constraints. With Tent Apps all-in-one church communications tool, you get church website designers with 15 years of experience in web design and so much more at a price that makes sense. Check out all of our affordable features and see how Tent Apps Church Communications can serve your church today!

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